Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wartburg Invades Leadville!

Wartburg Invades Leadville!!

This last weekend the whole Wartburg West group ventured up into mountains to small town called Leadville. The elevation in Leadville is nearly two miles above sea level. Needless to say the altitude took toll on a lot of us. We learned from Wild Bill, our host from the hostel we stayed at, that one beer in Leadville is equivalent to two beers in Denver and three beers in Iowa! Nonetheless the town was beautiful and had much to offer. On Saturday our group was spilt in two; one group went to Ski Cooper and the other stayed behind to explore the town. Unfortunately, there was not too much snow on Saturday so snowmobiling was out from the possible options to indulge in. However, the group was able to go skiing, snowboarding, and light snow shoeing. The group that stayed behind ventured into small shops and ate at the local saloon called the Silver Dollar. Being a historical town there were many antique shops some reaching two stories high filled with treasures. Our entire group stayed at the Leadville Hostel hosted by Wild Bill and his wife, Kathy. The hostel was very warm and cozy complete with a real wood burning stove. All the guests were welcoming and there were even a few dogs to keep us company at night. Our final night in Leadville was a fun! One group went ice skating at a local outdoor rink. The other group went to the local saloon and played pool, shuffleboard, and kept each other company until the others could join. On Sunday morning Leadville received about three inches of snow making the drive home a little more difficult. Our time spent in Leadville proved to be a great experience with a lot of group bonding opportunities. We learned a lot about one another and left feeling closer to each other. 
Turning to academics, my placement out in Denver, Colorado, is actually not in Denver at all, but rather in Littleton which is about a 30 minute drive from our apartment. My placement is at the Life Care Center in Littleton exploring social work in a geriatric setting. I love what I do and am getting a lot of direct client contact. Recently the Life Care Center had a visit from the Today Show to talk with one of our youngest residents who had made tremendous strides recovering from a stroke. The clip will air Monday morning, January 16th. As an intern social worker I am taking cognitive and mood assessments on both rehab and long-term residents. I work with families as their loved ones heal and provide them with resources for future planning. I shadow the multiple disciplines at the facility and will eventually facilitate a group on my own. I conduct social histories to better get to know the patient and provide companionship when needed. The Life Care Center of Littleton is technically for all adults but primarily we oversee geriatric residents. Our goal is to get everyone strong enough to return to their previous living situation but if that is not foreseeable then we find the best care possible for their needs. I am looking forward to starting my research project working with respiratory residents dealing with depression and anxiety. I hope all is going well in IOWA!!

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