Sunday, October 21, 2012

Urban Servant Corps Dinner- Michael McFarlane

On September 26th, we all had supper with the Urban Servant Corps.  They are a group of people who have graduated from college and chose to spend a year living together and volunteering at various community service organizations around Denver.  We were informed that some of them would be leaving early to attend a Christian worship service known as the spirit of Taize.  It is a service held once a month at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Denver.  I attended the service with a few of the Urban Servant Corps people and a handful of Wartburg students. 

It was a silent service that used music and prayer to worship.  Visitors were asked to enter and exit in complete silence to allow people to reflect and pray.  I really enjoyed the service, and actually got more out of it than listening to a pastor preach for an hour.  It was a small group of people who were all there because they wanted a different kind of worship service that revolved around more reflection than hearing the scripture.

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