Thursday, January 8, 2015

Denver Round Two: A Fresh Start - Malindi Van Sant

Although I have previously been part of the “Wartburg West” program, this time has a whole new feel to it. It has only been two years since I was in Denver for the “Sophomore Experience”, but a lot of change has taken place here in that time period. Wartburg West has a new location, right downtown! Living downtown has many perks. The bus system is easy to navigate (even for the directionally challenged, such as myself), my favorite record stores, restaurants and book shops are right down the road, and the very life of Denver itself is right outside of our apartment door. 
When I left Denver in 2012, I’d had such a great experience that I didn’t think it was possible for it to be better this time. The new building is in a very nice location and has great amenities as well. The church where our classes are held is simply beautiful, and the congregation has been very welcoming. The beauty of the capitol building, the skyline, and the mountains on my way to my internship manages to leave me breathless every day.

Denver has a whole different vibe to it since I was here last. New stores and restaurants have popped up everywhere, as well as new people. The population of the city has been growing rapidly in recent years. For the newcomers, finding an apartment building has become a wild goose chase. Rent and property value is also rising quickly as the city grows. It seems like everyone I know wants to live here, and I even hope to move here myself someday. I am really looking forward to spending another amazing semester in Denver.

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