Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Big City Livin' - Katie Bender

The anticipation moving to Denver was big. I always loved Colorado and didn’t think I would actually ever be able to live out here until I graduated or unless I actually went to school out in Colorado. But for me that wasn’t a choice considering the out-of-state tuition was insane.  When I realized Wartburg had a program that allowed me to experience life in Colorado for a semester without the huge commitment of moving out there on my own, I fell in love and that was a point that helped me decide to be a student at Wartburg.
The thought of living in Denver didn’t scare me all that much considering I live near Chicago and frequent the city a lot and know how to get around. But right when I got to Denver I got a little overwhelmed. Denver is sort of like a small big city so it wasn’t that the city was big, it was just the fact that I was now living in a place that I was unfamiliar with and didn’t know how to find my way around frightened me a little bit. However, I was soon able to navigate my way around the city pretty easily with the help of the Bocks and of the friendly people of Denver who never had a problem with helping us out.
One of the things I had to get used to out in Denver was the people. It wasn’t that the people were rude; in fact it was the complete opposite. Everywhere we went everyone was so nice and extremely willing to help with any question we had. They would even give us recommendations on places that we should go or restaurants or other things that we should try. Another thing I had to get used to was the weather in Denver. One day it would be sunny and in the 70s, but then the next day there would be inches of snow covering the ground, although I never really complained much about the weather because I got to hear back from friends in Iowa about the weather being in the negatives. It never got too frigid in Denver.

Living in Denver has only solidified my decision to move out to Colorado after I graduate. I love every aspect of living in Colorado; the picturesque mountains behind every city or town view, the opportunity to go snowboarding when I have free time, the people who are a joy to be around seven days a week, and last but obviously not least, the laid-back lifestyle as opposed to the rushed way of life in the Midwest. 

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