Monday, November 9, 2015

Wartburg West Students Say Good-Bye to Their New Friends by Jessa McAvoy

Greetings from Denver! My name is Jessa McAvoy and I am a 4th year Biology major interning at Denver Health. We have two weeks left here in Denver Colorado and it feels like I just got here.

As our time here in Denver is coming closer to the end, we’ve already had to say some rough goodbyes to our Augustana friends. We have had a chance of a lifetime to meet some very incredible people. I shared my Denver Health internship experience with an Augustana senior, Alyssa Kendell, who is also a pre-medical student. We have seen some very exciting and also shared some sad moments at Denver Health. From finally realizing what path we were going to take, to sharing our first operating room experiences, there was no other person I would have wanted to share this with. All of us became great friends and I am so thankful that they get to share this opportunity with us!

With only two weeks left in Denver we have been trying to fit as much in as possible. Last weekend we visited Echo Lake to experience the mountain snow, and now planning a short day hike in Breckenridge this weekend. Our internships are also winding down and getting prepared to say goodbye to all of the wonderful and very helpful people I have met at Denver Health is going to be very hard. I have had so many amazing experiences our here. From climbing Mt. Bierstadt to traveling to Salt Lake City for the Parliament of World Religions and volunteering at Network Coffeehouse, I wouldn’t change anything about my experience out here. I am looking forward to returning back to campus, but I will never forget this amazing opportunity that has changed my life!

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