Monday, January 25, 2016

Michael Bowden Blogs About Becoming an Adult in Denver, CO

Becoming an Adult
by Michael Bowden

The city is much different than Iowa. For twenty-one years I have been comfortable and familiar to what goes on around me. Living here, even for just the few weeks that I’ve been here, I have experienced some moments, which I know will be life changing for me in the future. I’m originally from Cedar Falls, Iowa and I’m from a family of six. I lived in a busy household and was around people almost constantly. I grew up sharing my bedroom with my brothers and always having some sort of noise bounce through the house weather it be an instrument, someone’s voice, a TV, or my two dogs barking for food. I’ve been comfortable with these noises and close proximity. I decided to live close to my family after high school, but recently I decided to change and try something new. I’m now in Denver, CO, living in my own apartment, cooking my own food, maintaining my schedule of work, internship, my hobbies, goals, and leisure time without my comforts of home.
            Learning to cope with this has been an experience that is moving me in the right direction to prepare for life after Wartburg College. It’s helping me break down the door to see what life has to offer after my entire education, which started for me seventeen years ago in preschool. Adulthood is becoming more of a reality, some of it is scary but if it wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t be thinking right. But the scariness, change, or unknown is truly the most exciting part. The city is big, fast-paced, and energizing, but sometimes exhausting. It’s amazing to look at the diverse population while walking around to know that everyone I see has a vastly different story than the other.
            It’s time for me to create my story. In this chapter I’m living in the city. My story didn’t start here but I plan to utilize my time here to grow and help lay a foundation for all the rest of the chapters in my life, my adulthood, a time when I will pay my own phone bill and pay my own rent. After our retreat in Leadville, Colorado, the Wartburg West community here has been more connected. The students and professors really created a bond while we were there. Going into my adulthood and coping with the change, it’s great to know I will always have long-lasting friendships that have been created here.

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