Monday, April 3, 2017

Maya Weatherall on New Growth and Fresh Perspectives

Before coming to Denver I was very nervous about a lot of little issues, like how am I going to afford food, where am I going to church, how will I get to my internship? So many questions and fears but very little answers. I didn’t think, coming to Denver, I was going to find my voice and be confident in my ideas. Taking RE 325 and ID 360 has really shown me what it is like believing in an issue and then going out into the community and talking with different individuals who are also passionate about the same thing.
I am not much of a person who is into talking about politics or religion in a group manner, but I have shared my own opinions at several events we went to, like Interfaith Alliance and going to the Aurora Area Strategy at a Lutheran church where I spoke with Lutheran pastors about how the church can play a vital role in the community. From all these experiences I have learned that there are things that I am very passionate about at Wartburg College, and I want to take what I have learned in the classroom and the community and make that same difference in Waverly.
From the classroom I have met so many people at my internship at Fourth Wall Productions who are passionate about the work they do for Colorado through video. Every day, I am happy to get up and get ready for my internship. I have grown mentally and emotionally by working with so many different personalities and physically by humbly learning more about video. Alongside, outside of the classroom I have had the opportunity of participating in a service trip and making a difference in little kids’ lives by tutoring them or helping a mother and her daughter clean their house and yard. I can go on and on about how many blessings I have received, but Wartburg West is not just a time to be in a new city, but to grow and learn more about yourself and the community that is around you. You start to realize that you can make your voice heard, that you can make a difference by meeting people, and that you do gain new perspectives at your internship. I love that I made the decision to come out to Denver for a semester. 

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