Monday, December 3, 2012

Abrahamic Initiative at St John’s Episcopal Cathedral: Explore a 200-year old Torah- Claudia Villarreal

Thanks to the Abrahamic Initiative, I had the opportunity to be part of a big moment in history. I was able to see two sister Czech scrolls get together: Torah #600 and #1118. These Torahs (Hebrew Scriptures) have a number because during World War II, some Nazis decided to store them and put a tag to numerate them. This experience was amazing because I saw how Jews are moved when they see a Torah; through their eyes you can see the love and the connection to these sacred ancient scriptures. These scrolls survived war, holocaust, they are what links the Jews back to their ancestors that suffered so much, and also link them to their ancestor’s teachings. The hours of this event have impacted my life. I felt the energy when I touched the wood on the scrolls. Even more, I understood why Jews are so peaceful after so much pain, because these scrolls gave so much peace to the soul and spirit.

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