Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jordan Duwa's Abstract on Gun Violence

The issue at hand is gun violence, and the solutions seem to be varied. Unfortunately, there have been 31 mass shootings since Columbine in 1999. In addition to the mass shooting at the theater and Colorado and adding the Sandy Hook massacre, it makes approximately 32 mass shootings. This number is alarming even though nearly 14 years have passed, but there should be no mass shootings at all. In 2012, 70 people were killed in mass shootings and another 72 were injured. It is overwhelming to see these numbers of people killed and hurt by guns and especially mass shootings. Research into each mass shooting case looks into where the gun or guns come from that the shooter has used to commit such a violent act. Many times, the shooter doesn’t own their weapon of choice which makes it more difficult to control who is allowed to purchase or handle a gun. In addition to ownership of weapons, the fact of an identified mental illness will be considered in allowing individuals to own a weapon. In regards to research methods for this engaging politics assignment, it will be done through attending meetings, bill hearings, and other Colorado Ceasefire related events that will help me to broaden my understanding of the entire situation about gun violence and the ways to end it.
With hopes to find out ways the Colorado government intends to end gun violence through their bills and laws, and a strong interest in the bills that will go through the legislature about gun violence and what both sides are saying about the issue. With a desire to attend different types of events and gatherings that deal with gun violence and Colorado Ceasefire, this will assist in the increased knowledge and understanding of gun violence and specifically laws according to Colorado. Understanding different points of view and how different people plan to tend to this problem will be vital in determining the results of this engaging politics project. With this project, an expansion of a knowledge base about the legislature and how it works will be gained, especially around these different types of gun bills. A strong focus will be put on the ways in which Colorado Ceasefire and other organizations go about changing the current laws and adding new laws regarding gun violence. This will be done through attending meetings, bill hearings, and Colorado Ceasefire gatherings. This issue is important to me personally because my father is big into hunting and I will be getting my hunter’s license but the tragedy of mass shootings and shootings in Colorado and the ones involving children, have hit hard to me because I couldn’t imagine losing a family member but also I agree that it’s important to be cautious about who is able to own a weapon. 

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