Monday, September 7, 2015

Jamie Harrings Explores Denver and Turns 21!

Hello all!
I successfully survived my first week of student teaching with students! I felt that meant to get out and have some fun over the weekend, which isn't hard to do in Denver. Despite being a little worn out from the week, I found the energy to get out and experience some of what Denver has to offer without going too far.Two other students and I, Madelyn and Alison, went to check out a few of the different events going on over the weekend.
Saturday afternoon we made our way to the downtown area to check out The Big Wonderful and PalletFest. We weren't exactly sure what we were getting ourselves into but it was a fun adventure. The Big Wonderful was basically an experience that any hipster would love. There were foodtrucks, vans filled with vintage and boho clothes for sale, crafty and vintage knick-knacks, and lots of music and beer to go around. While there we ran into quite a few Wartburg alums and one stranger who said, "Wartburg, I got my butt (or maybe another word) kicked there playing lacrosse once," to which I kindly responded go knights. You never know what you'll get or who you'll run into when you wear a Wartburg shirt I suppose!
PalletFest was another enjoyable experience, but a little more on the tame side compared to The Big Wonderful. We got to explore the various creations people made, a pallet maze, try our hand at walking on stilts, and hula-hoop, we're kids at heart really. It was incredible to see how this festival embraced the sustainability movement. While we walked around we could hear an environmental activist band playing on the stage, there were many tents around that housed recycling centers, and a water barrel type contraption to fill up your water bottle. After we purchased some delicious cupcakes and caramel apples from Cupcake Cabin, we headed home with a pit stop to Prohibition for some dessert (that makes a nutritious dinner right?) After we logged over 7 miles of walking around we figured we deserved the dessert and the rest of the evening in.
Madelyn, Alison and I got to show off our skills
It was a little trickier than we thought

On Sunday we took off for the Colfax Farmers Market. Alison and I made the trip there the Sunday before and had to make the trip back for some more peaches. I love that despite being in the city I can walk a mile up the road to purchase fresh, organic fruits and veggies. After working on the Faux Farm in Tripoli, IA over the summer my appreciation for fresh produce has grown immensely and I'm glad I can still have that here in the city. When we came home I decided to head into the mountains to visit my aunt and cousins in Keystone. It was nice to get out of the city a bit and make the trek to get some hiking in and visit with family. 
My haul from the farmers market!
There were some incredible views of Lake Dillon on the hike we took.
We had to try out my aunt's selfie stick!
Tammy Tom Jamie Mark Kathy Dillion overlook
My aunt, her husband, me and my cousins from Iowa.
 Its back to school tomorrow for me but I can't wait to see what this week holds and the adventures that we will have on our retreat to Leadville this weekend! Plus I get to enjoy my 21st birthday over the weekend at the retreat hiking to the top (hopefully) of Mt. Elbert! 

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