Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meghan Parman Shares the Excitement of Her Semester in Denver

Growing up I lived in a small town outside of Des Moines, Iowa. I lived on a quiet street and had a big yard. I can remember waking up every morning ready for a day of adventure. From climbing trees to biking as fast as I could down a hill near my house, I was always exploring. When I was a senior in high school, I remember my excitement for college. It was the same feeling I had when I was about to go play outside as a child. It was the feeling of opportunity and exploration. Coming to Wartburg has definitely been a huge adventure within itself. Finding my way to class freshman year to deciding what major I would end up declaring, I have had that same excitement and spirit I have felt so many times before. But, last fall when I applied to spend the first semester of my last year at Wartburg in Denver, I knew it was time for a new adventure.

I have visited Denver many times before but a short visit is no comparison to actually living in this bustling city.  From having to navigate through the streets to a grocery story, riding my bike to City Park to spend the afternoon, to figuring out which bus I can take to get me to the nearest shopping mall; Denver is an endless adventure. There are so many opportunities to get out an explore the city, the surrounding suburbs, and, of course, the beautiful mountains. With all these opportunities for exploration, I have been finding myself constantly excited for the semester to unfold. There are so many places on my list of things to do and I can’t’ wait to cross each one off.

I have officially been in Denver for little over a week and I can say that in my first weekend in Colorado, I climbed my first ever 14’er, Mt. Bierstadt, which stands at 14,065 feet, I read for hours in City Park, and went to dinner at yet another delicious pizza restaurant. As you can see, there is new opportunity around every corner in this city and I am so happy to be able to dive right into it.  Although I was a little nervous moving a big city, I have come to realize that big cities mean bigger things to see and greater places to go! I am so happy I get to call Denver my home and next big adventure.

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