Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Colorado Native Returns Home Through Wartburg West!

Hi, I’m Melissa- a Colorado native who has been able to dive into so many wonderful Colorado opportunities now that I am a part of Wartburg West.  I am student teaching at Mortensen Elementary School for both my elementary education and special education placements.  Being able to student teach in Colorado has offered so many opportunities for me already.  I have made connections with students and teachers that will last a lifetime.  The relationships I make now will hopefully aid me in finding a job somewhere in Colorado after college.  I have recently finished my first placement in my first grade classroom.  I was skeptical to be in a first grade classroom initially; I thought I would like older students more.  To my surprise, I fell in love with first grade, and I fell even more in love with the students.

I learned a lot about behavior management that will be beneficial in any classroom.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be in first grade and to have made many awesome relationships and memories.  I am truly blessed to be in such an awesome environment, and super thankful that Wartburg West exists! 

I am just starting my second placement with an autism program at my school.  I can tell already that I will be learning so much.  Right now, I am working with two boys who were in the first grade class that I had my first placement.  They are both wonderful and I can’t wait to learn more from them!
Another awesome experience I have had with the Wartburg West program is our trip to Leadville.  I climbed my first 14er ever! You would think a CO native would have done that already, but not until my Wartburg West experience! I had an awesome time in Leadville and I felt as though I grew a lot closer to my Wartburg West peers!

Overall, I am having an awesome time in Colorado! It is so nice to be with family, friends, and my Wartburg West friends. To have a part of my Wartburg “home” in my Colorado home is something truly special.  I am looking forward to more memories, lessons, and cherishing every moment. 

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