Sunday, March 16, 2014

Going West by Valentina Jordan

It past the half way mark of the semester, the snow is melting, and graduation is just around the corner. It seems surreal that my Denver experience is coming to its end, the city life and all of the perks that come from being one of the few in the amazing crew. For me, my Denver experience was more than  I was expecting, more than the social activities, events, and freedom that come with being in a metropolis. It was the sense of “real life” and the awakening that not everything will always be like it has been in the past four years of my Wartburg career. Life does not start at 7:45 am, with a chapel time, and 10 minutes in between events. There is no complaining, or looking for ways to change our schedule just so it fits the best of our social and personal needs. It has been through my Denver experience that I have started a reality that both our school and family have prepared us for throughout our lives.  It has taken years of trial and error to get to this point, a point in which we have to trust our past, and believe in our dreams in order to start fighting for what we believe in. I would be lying if I said that the never-ending activities, restaurants, bars, concerts, and even snowboarding ( agh this one is hard) are the highlight of my time with Wartburg West. It has been my internship and how I have been able to take the next step towards becoming a professional. Meeting people that believe in my abilities and trust my professional judgment has allowed to to gain self confidence and realize that we are by now so ready to take this first step into life. I am by now convinced that Wartburg West was the best transition for me, and my career.

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