Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wartburg West Experience by Miranda Fadden

For anyone who wants to experience a bigger city but maybe cannot handle NY or DC, Denver is the place to come! Denver has been filled with many great opportunities. Last Monday, I got the chance to shadow Faith Winter who is currently running for a seat in the House of Representatives. Over the course of the semester I will be helping with her campaign and getting an inside look as to what comprises a campaign. On Monday, we started out by going to a luncheon in honor of Wendy Davis, a current Senator for Texas. Davis has become a rock-star in the political world. Winter introduced Davis and following several speeches, Winter took me around and introduced me to various up and coming new women in politics.

After the luncheon, I went back to Winter’s house and I got to work directly on her campaign. She writes thank-yous to everyone who personally donates to her campaign. After seeing the more glamorous side of politics by meeting Davis I was also able to see the not so glamorous side of writing many, many thank-yous. It has to be done though to make for a good campaign so it was nice to see the different sides. Next we went to the city council meeting for Westminster, in which Winter is currently a member. The meeting was considered a study session where ideas were being discussed to see where the council should go next. The meeting was very long but interesting because I hadn’t known much about what city councils do. They discussed many issues/projects such as whether or not cell phones should be permitted in the courtroom to the new rail-station that will be built in Westminster.

By getting the chance to shadow someone like Faith Winter, it allowed me to broaden my experience here in Denver as well as broaden my knowledge base. I am interested in pursuing a career in science and health care and therefore never really knew much about politics and what it really takes to be a woman in politics. After having only one day with Winter in the political world, I can now say that I want to know more. Without the time spent working on a campaign such as this one I may have never become interested in politics.  

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