Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Start of Something New - Amber Wiltgen

Hey everyone! My experience at Wartburg West has been awesome so far and I have loved every minute of being here in Denver, and it has only been about a week! Everyone got here on June 5th and we all helped eachother unload and get settled in. Bonita and Nelson then had orientation activities planned for us the following day, and since then, we have basically been on our own to explore and take in the city life. Nicole actually started a Wartburg West Summer 2014 Facebook page to encourage everyone to communicate and keep everyone posted on what they plan to do for that day in case others would like to join in on the fun. So, that has been an awesome way for everyone to have the opportunity to actively bond and stay in tune to everything that Denver has to offer. Just in the past week and a half, I feel like I have gotten to experience so many awesome aspects of the city, whether it be going on a hike up in Red Rocks or just going shopping down at the 16th street mall. Aside from all of the exploring, we also started our internships on Monday, June 9th. I am interning in the Emergency Room at the Denver Health Medical Center which has been a really good experience for me so far, and has just reinforced my passion for pursuing a career in the medical field. Anyway, I am so excited and grateful to be spending the next month and a half here at Wartburg West, even though the time has flown by, and am looking forward to the lasting memories I will make and the stories that I will have the opportunity to share with everyone in support of the program. BE ORANGE!

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