Friday, July 25, 2014

Western Adventures - Tori Soat

Totally cliché of me to say, yet one hundred percent true, is my utter disbelief that I am a week away from heading back to Iowa. Cue cliché: time flies when you’re having the time of your life. This summer has been one magnificent adventure compiled into two very short months. It is impossible to explain over phone call or email to my friends and family how beautiful the mountains are, how loud the street outside our apartment is, how hilarious my work environment is (Comedy Works, obviously), or just how hard it still is to run outside and breathe adequately at the same time. I’ve truly had the time of my life this summer, for an incessant amount of reasons.

My adventure entitled ‘Wartburg West Summer 2014’ has taken me to some wild places and introduced me to some irreplaceable people. I’ve summited mountains, feasted at some of the finest restaurants (including VooDoo Doughnuts), seen cultures unlike anything in Iowa, watched fireworks from the rooftop, witnessed a MLB game, made some amazing friends, and gained a broad range of knowledge from my supervisor at Comedy Works. Denver is unlike any city I’ve ever been to. The city is full of busy parks to fulfill all of my outdoorsy/running needs and is also located not too far outside of the mountains to satisfy any hiking urge I have ever had. I first enjoyed the mountains in Estes Park, Colorado, and will never forget the views I experienced in Rocky Mountain National Park. I also have been to Red Rocks for workouts, hikes, and films. I once ventured to Ft. Collins for more hiking and my first taste of sushi with friends. My summer has been full of nothing short of pure awesomeness; I even got to see country superstar, Jake Owen, at the Greely Stampede.

I can’t believe it’s practically over. I have to say goodbye to my family of fellow interns at Comedy Works and my boss who is actually a glorified mentor of mine; as well as try to depart from the greatest city I have ever known and my love, the Rocky Mountains. It’s going to be a bittersweet last week here at Wartburg West. The knowledge I’ve gained at my internship, combined with the experiences I’ve had while living life in Denver have surmounted any summer I’ve previously had, and no amount of pictures or words will ever be able to do it justice.

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