Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Denver: Tourist Destination - Katie Wyman

So far I have been very busy enjoying my internship. My placement is at Visit Denver so I work on Travel Public Relations, anything from marketing to tourists or contacting writers to write about attractions in Denver. The first week I was here we did a travel writer reception and invited writers to come see the Buffalo Bill Museum, go on a hike, and see a new exhibit opening up in a local art gallery. It was so much fun getting to be out and about doing these activities and also meeting so many new people from different areas. Another part of my internship is working with local companies, restaurants and attractions as members, just meaning that Visit Denver will promote them when marketing to visitors. A local Scooter Tour company wants to be a member of visit Denver so last week I got to go on a ScooTour with some other people from out office and get a feel for this new and fun way tourists can see Denver, it was so much fun! Other than that I have helped with putting on a press conference, toured a new restaurant in Denver and put together an itinerary for writers coming to town next month.
Being part of Wartburg West has been an amazing experience and being in Denver in the summer has been a blast! We have done some hiking, gone to different festivals and Sunday we went to Riverfest, which has probably been my favorite festival and got to go tubing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding all for free! It was an awesome afternoon and just one other way to enjoy yourself in Denver!

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